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Kangwon National University, Samcheok Campus has launched by uniting Samcheok
University and Kangwon University in 2006 to keep pace with times of globalization
and to offer higher quality of education and services to the students. It is time to
take the leap as a universal university with all our efforts and capacity making a
stepping stone for the future development through the opportunity of integration.

In the 21st century, universities are confronted with challenges as society is changing
rapidly. In this regard, the Samcheok Campus of Kangwon National University is
continuously making efforts to improve competitiveness with transformative ideas and
a spirit of innovation.

Moreover, we should be a chaos maker to pursue the specialization in the field of
research and education. It is the true intellectual community of exchanging academic
information and research actively and widely regardless of the field of studies that the
Samcheok campus of KNU is going to make for the better future.

The Samcheok campus of KNU is going to realize your dreams and goals.
The environment of happiness and humanity of the Samcheok campus encourages
students as well as faculty and staff members in showing their expertise and talent.

Your attention and interest to the Samcheok campus have result in becoming one of
the outstanding national universities in Korea. Therefore, the Samcheok campus of
KNU will endeavor to convert challenges into opportunities for all of its stakeholders
in conjunction with its surrounding community.

In addition, The New Design Project which enables you to open up your hopeful future
on the campus will be implemented with the open administration based on equity and

At the Samcheok campus of Kangwon University, I would like you to have a chance to
outstretch the youth and challenging spirit of students as well as experiencing the
romanticism of university.

Vice President Kangwon National University

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