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This maxim presupposes the notion that KNU finds it valuable for itself to describe and explain aspects of the world as it truly is. The genuinely existing world is one integrated by what it is and what it ought to be. An array of truth that KNU has been exploring takes the form of the normative and empirical knowledge system pursued by humanities and natural science, regarded as the basic principles of art and technology, and their applications.

Under the general motto of "Sil-Sa-Gu-Si", Kangwon National University at Samcheok Campus (KNU-SC) pursues its academic missions and vision as outlined in the following:

KNU-SC seeks to develop a strong group of professionals to devote themselves in the fields of industrial science and technology who can make a contribution to the prosperity of our nation and society by providing an opportunity of higher education for those who intend to receive a tertiary level of manpower training programs focused on advanced knowledge and technology necessary for the industrial society.

In line with such a primary mission, KNU-SC's specific goals of education are as follows;

1. Education
- Higher learning and education in the fields of industrial science and technology
- Education for promoting scientific informatization capabilities
- Education for enhancing sincere character

2. Research
- Cultivation of and research on industrial science and technology
- Research on the application methods of industrial sciences
- Research on the development of regional industrial community

3. Service
- Expansion of social service functions
- Industry-university collaboration on industrial science and technology
- Continuing and entrusted education for the nation's industrial manpower

Founded on May 27, 1939 as Samcheok Public Vocational School which had a three-year academic system with two departments of mining and civil engineering, Samcheok National University has marked its major developments since then. On March 31, 1944, the School was reorganized as a four-year Samcheok Public Engineering School, which added department of mechanical engineering to its academics. After that, through two phases of substantive improvements for two decades, Samcheok Public Engineering Professional School was approved as a five-year institution with the addition of two more departments, chemical engineering and electrical engineering.

In the wake of these consistent reformations, Samcheok Polytechnic College was established on January 1, 1979, running a two-year academic system. After four years of higher education, the College was relocated to a newly built campus which is situated in the vicinity of Samcheok-si having its own municipal government, a five-minute drive from the seashore. As of March 1, 1991, the College was upgraded to a four-year institution entitled Samcheok Industrial University housing a total of fifteen engineering departments. On March 3, 1997, the Graduate School of Industry was established as one of the momentous academic organizations of the University.

At the end of 1998, the institution was renamed into Samcheok National University (SNU), and until later 2001 from then SNU has steadily expanded its academic strength with the reinforcement of outstanding faculty members, affiliated organizations and facilities, including the main library, experiments & practicum laboratory, foreign language institute and continuing education center. Based on such substantial developments, in the years 2002-2005, the modern facilities for College of Design, the 2nd Student Dormitory, and Marine Leisure Sports Center were constructed. As a result of these, in the year 2003's comprehensive university evaluation, the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development ranked SNU as one of the most excellent institutions in the area of educational facilities in Korea.

In particular, on September 27, 2003, the Graduate School of Disaster Prevention Technology, the nation's first specialized institution in this field, was approved to establish master's and doctoral degree courses, and on September 9, 2004, three new Departments of Crisis Management, Emergency Rescue, and Social Welfare were founded for the promotion of research and education programs for public health and social security. Above all, the dual campus system of Kangwon National University (KNU) merged between KNU at Chuncheon and SNU at Samcheok was officially launched on March 1, 2006 so that one larger and stronger KNU can play far greater roles than ever in making sustainable contribution to the advancement of the regional community, entire nation and the world.
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