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The College of Engineering aims at the development of competent engineers who are dedicated to creating our society's prosperous future. To achieve this goal, the College offers a total of twenty-two(22) major programs within the framework of seven(7) Divisions and three(3) independent Departments.

The College puts a strong emphasis on its implementation of education alive for a wide range of practical knowledge and technology; that is to say, we strive to prepare students to converge
their "ideas on the paper" into "ideas in the practice". This approach simply
means well-integrated hands-on teaching and learning under the guidelines.

In addition, the College stresses the importance of international perspectives,
providing opportunities for students to become familiar with foreign engineering
education and relevant cultures through the overseas fact-finding visits and
attachment programs conducted under the sisterhood relationships with
diverse universities abroad.

Division of Electronic & Information Communication Engineering
Electronic Engineering
Information Communication Engineering
Division of Fire & Disaster Prevention
Fire Protection Engineering
Disaster Prevention & Safety Engineering
Fire & Emergency Management
Division of Energy Engineering
Energy & Mineral Resources Engineering
Energy & Chemical Engineering
Energy & Mineral Resources Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Design Engineering
Computer Engineering
Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Design Engineering
Control & Instrumentation Engineering
Advanced Materials Engineering
Industrial & Management Engineering
Architectural Engineering
Materials & Metallurgical Engineering
Architecture Design (4year)
Earth and Environmental Engineering
Earth and Environmental Engineering
Improvement Idea