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Kangwon University's Division of Electronic & Information Communication Engineering has built an excellent experiment environment through government support. We are educating internationally recognized engineering students since 2009 after the introduction of accreditation system. Here, future-engineers are working on a project combines practical skills and experiments based on solid theoretical education and extracurricular activities. Upon graduation, alumni have been contributing in the IT industry. In such industry, students who are studying Electronic & Information Communication Engineering will make your dream come true.
- Earn ability to foster creative design through major basic knowledge and systematic data analysis skills
- Learn from experiment and practice to enhance the ability to engineering ability to adapt to the real industry.
- Forster language skills, effective communication skills and teamwork skills
- Have sound ethics and responsible with a positive attitude as an engineer
- Effective and systematic engineering certification program
- Practical and applicable projects and lecture
- Customized industry training
- Clubs(major, foreign language), job camp, other job fairs
- Visiting field industries
- Specialized engineer in electronic information and communication technology for small and medium enterprises
- Designer of automatic controlling system
- Specialized technician for computer and micro-processor interface
- Firmware and other software-based industries
- Audios and semiconductor-related industries
- Skilled civil servants, state enterprise institute, or entering a graduate school
Electronic engineer, Computer engineer, Semiconductor engineer, Engineer for Radio Telecommunication Equipment, Engineer for Information Processing, Engineer for Information Communication, Engineer for Radio Communication, Radio Electronics engineer etc
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