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The department started in 2002 with the motto "SAFE KOREA." It fosters fire fighting professionals to contribute to develop firefighting industry. The department is also one of special departments in Samcheok campus and was selected as a department supported by Gangwon province. It also has an agreement with many organs including universities and research centers to exchange information.
The goal of the department is to foster firefighting professionals who play an key role at disaster sites with quick actions and supports. It also fosters professions to contribute to develop a firefighting industry and settle the worldwide safety culture.
- The demand for professions of firefighting is increasing as many of large disasters occurred
- Fire protection industry is a blue ocean business with big potential that uses advanced technologies such as IT, NT and ET
- The support for fire protection is also increasing
Public officials at the National Emergency Management Agency, Ministry of Education Science and Technology, Ministry of Land Transport and Maritime Affairs, research centers and public enterprises, Safety manager at companies, fire management expert, product certification manager
- Industrial Engineer of Fire Fighting Facilities (Electrical/Mechanical)
- Fire Safety Instructor, Fire Protection Facilities Manager
- Hazardous material Management Engineer, Construction Safety Engineer, Gas Engineer)
- Professional Engineer of Fire Fighting
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