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The Department teaches students about scientific safety management, quick situation management, and actions at the site to make the society safer. It also analyzes the reasons of disasters to recover, and deals with professional knowledge to prevent those disasters. The goal of the Department is to foster professionals to protect people and facilities and settle a right culture of Disaster Prevention & Safety Engineering.
-To train students to have abilities to prevent disasters scientifically and systemically
-To analyze causes of disasters for rational recovery
-To educate students to know about skills and knowledge of disasters and preventing them
-To foster fire protection professions to protect people in various industries
They might work as a public disaster prevention official, safety manager at a construction site, researcher at a company, or study at a graduate school of disaster prevention, research center)
- National institutes (National Emergency Management Agency, fire station, fire-fighting equipment companies)
- Fire Protection Company (fire protection facility company and research center of fire protection)
- Safety manager or arson manager jobs
- Construction Safety Engineer, Industrial Safety Engineer, Fire Fighting Facilities Engineer, Hazardous material Craftsman
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