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Fire & Emergency Management recently attracted a great deal of notice is divided into three fields that are fire management, prevention of disasters and disasters management. The fire & emergency management, of course, can be defined as an overall management of disasters. The Department teaches students three subjects of study. First, it fosters disaster management professions of fire. The Department trains students to get professional knowledge of special fire such as ship's fire, car fire, factories fire, and energy facilities on fire. Second, it fosters general preventing professions of forest fire. There are not many schools in Korea that teaches about forest fire, that is why the department of Fire & Emergency Management in Kangwon University attracts people's attention. Third, the Department fosters professional scientific inspectors of the scene of a fire. Recently, there are many trials about fire, and many of the professionals are needed. The Department also teaches basic studies such as English, Mathematics and CAD to students along with those subjects so they become a global profession of the Fire & Emergency Management
The Department fosters global disaster management professions through customized education to meet the society's needs.
- Public officials at National Emergency Management Agency
- Disaster management research center, companies, graduate schools
- Certificates:
Fire Fighting Facilities Engineer - (Mechanical/Electrical), Facility Manager, Disaster Manager, Fire Investigator, Industrial Engineer of Hazardous material, Industrial Safety Engineer
Location: The 2ndEngineeringbuilding#209
Phone: 033) 570-6430
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