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A study of energy and mineral resources engineering is about exploration, development, disposal and use of resources like minerals, petroleum, natural gas and underground water. It also goes over issues lie preventing pollution, disposing leftovers caused by development of natural resources. The followings are the duties of energy & Mineral resources Engineer:
- Exploring, developing and producing natural resources from home and abroad
- Constructing tunnels or other underground spaces and blowing up obstacles
- Preventing pollution caused by resource development and construction
- Geothermal energy related to new and renewable energy
- Disposing resources and recycling disposable resources
As national investment on energy and strategic minerals is growing, so will be job opportunities.
The aim for the Department of Energy & Mineral Resources Engineering is based on the philosophy and educational goal of Kangwon University. We focus on practical educational system so that we can educate competent human resources. The department also pursues future-oriented educational system.
As a demand for mineral resources and energy is increasing, it became increasingly important to secure and develop energy and mineral resources.
A demand for engineers who have knowledge and technology on developing energy and mineral resources in home and abroad is escalating.
- Public companies (Korea National Oil Corporation, Korea Gas Corporation, Korea Resouces Corporation, Korea Mine Reclamation Corporation, etc.)
- National or international resource development companies, Geology and engineering corporation, Exploration and gear companies, Civil engineering and construction company, Research institutes
- Civil servant (National or local)
Engineer Mining Hazard Prevention Reclamation, Engineer Mining Safety, Engineer Explosive Handling, Engineer Applied Geology, Certificates for civil engineering and environment, etc.
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