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Department of Electric Engineering is a study of electrical engineering, covering generation of electrical energy, power system automatic control, electromagnetics, electrical equipment, design and technical standards. Students learn such areas through theories and experiments. It provides certification program for the electric field and active support for industry-academia linkage system through the school system. Students can enter new & renewable energy research institutes or development of alternative energy sources.
Electric engineering students will learn computer, math and basic literacy in the rapidly changing engineering environment, taking into account the conditions of information technology. We aim to provide chances to enter a graduate school for further studies or get employed in related field after completing the degree.
- Circuit design: Designing electric machines or controlling devices, Designing sensor devices or circuit system, electrical installation design
- Power control system: Designing power controlling devices and automatic controlling system, lighting and other applicable devices, power-related devices
- Energy system: Operating transmission and distribution facilities, application of new and renewable energy, analyzing high-voltage phenomena
- Public companies (Korea Electrical Power Corporation, Korea Electrical Safety Corporation, or other power plants)
- Electrical Contractors (Electrical work and fire-fighting equipment manufacturers, construction and supervision)
- Electrical installation design companies, automobile manufacturers, companies for development of new and renewable energy
- Civil servants(for Gangwon Province or other national status), other electricity-related positions
Electric work engineer, Electricity engineer, Industrial Engineer for Electric Work, Industrial Engineer for Electricity, Engineer for Fire Fighting Facilities - Mechanical and Electrical, Industrial Engineer Fire Fighting Facilities - Mechanical and Electrical, After graduating from the various computerized certification exam schedule, students can become professional engineers.
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