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Department of Chemical Engineering is training chemical engineers in chemical industry, fine chemicals and new industrial development in the field of renewable energy. Students learn from a variety of applied skills through experimental learning theory so they can actively respond to changes in specialized workforce. They will come up with progressive ideas and continue to lead the industry they will be in.
- Refining, petrochemical, cement, pharmaceuticals, paints, cosmetics, rubber, textiles, plastics, semiconductor, ink, automotive companies etc - Specialized civil servants or public companies (Chemical and engineering, or fire officials), teacher, Korea Gas Corporation, Korea Coal Corporation, Korea National Oil Corporation) - Chemical and engineering research institute(Oil and chemicals, chemicals or other related research institutes)
Engineers - Chemical engineer, Engineer for explosives manufacturing, chemical analysis engineer, Atmospheric Environment engineer, Engineer of species (animals), Engineer of species (plants), Noise and Vibration engineer, Engineer of Water Quality, Ecological Restoration engineer, Engineer of soil environment, Engineer for waste disposal, Gas engineer, Construction safety engineer, Industrial safety engineer, Industrial hygiene management engineer, Engineer for fire-fighting equipment (mechanical engineering, electrical fields) Industrial engineer - Chemical industry engineer, Hazardous industrial engineer, Engineer for explosives manufacturing, Atmospheric Environment Industrial Engineer, Noise and Vibration Industrial Engineer, Water Environment Industrial Engineer, Natural Ecological Restoration Industry engineer, Waste disposal, industrial engineer, Gas and industrial engineer, Industrial engineer, Construction safety, industrial safety engineer, Fire Protection Equipment Industry engineer (mechanical engineering, electrical fields)
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