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Mechatronics technology combines mechanical engineering, computer engineering and electrical engineering techniques to create new and useful hybrid products. Students will design and produce automatical system and learn to become specialists for running and study those programs. It teaches automatic production systems like computer designs, CNC mechanical tools, industrial robots and measurement and controlling systems. Since 2009, it runs both intensive mechatronics course (KEC2005) and general studies.
- Training students who can apply mechatronics engineering techniques to mechanical system and other vehicle-related designing and production system.
- Cultivating humans resources who can quickly adapt in this globalized world and develop themselves continuously.
- Educating students to have right moral attitude as engineer
- English and computer education for the globalized and information society
- Designing systems and mechanical elements using computer programs
- Detailed manufacture system and production education system using computer programs
- Automatic system using mechtronics engineering system
- Educating creative engineers
Automobile companies, Small & Medium enterprises on IT industry or other related research institutes, IT companies, research institutes, Civil servants, Public companies, Entering graduate schools
- Engineer : Mechatronics engineer, Information processing engineer, General machinery engineer
- Industrial engineer : Mechtronics industrial engineer, Industrial Engineer for Information Processing), Industrial Engineer for Construction Equipment, Industrial Engineer for Computer Aided Manufacturing, Industrial Engineer for Manufacturing Automatization, Industrial Engineer for Elevator
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