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The department teaches students basic theories of computer software, hardware, and information & communication telecommunication that are core technologies of an information-oriented society. It also trains students with practices and on-site trainings to foster software, information processing, and management professionals.
- To foster computer software/hardware professionals
- To foster professional technicians through cooperation with industries
- To foster human resources with ethics
- To foster global human resources
- System development ( Jungwon&System, Hybus, and RG System)
- Operating and managing the system (Hanjeon KDN, Kangwonland, Ssangyongcement, hospitals) - Data processing at banks
- Education (Kunkuk, Dankuk, Kangwon, and KangnungUniversity,elementaryschools)
- Public officials (City hall, police stations)
- Public enterprises (Korea Electric, KESCO, Uljin nulcear power, post offices)
- National certificates: Information Processing Engineer, Information Communication Engineer)
- Programming: CPQ, SCJP
- Networking: CCNA, CCNP, CCSP, CCIE
- Information Security: SIS, CCSP
- Date base: DASP, DAP, OCA
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