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A study of civil engineering is based on a long history of tradition and techniques. It provides transporting facilities and a mutual community interest for a better life and welfare. A civil engineer is mainly responsible for, for example, planning, design and construction of various structures including roads, ports, airports, railroads, bridges, water and sewage system and dams. As a demand for various building structures, urban design and other civil engineering-related construction has been increasing, the size of investment is also growing.
We aim to provide future-oriented education for students; studies that combine both theoretical and practical performances. Our main goal is to train engineering students to be global and specialized leaders, so they can contribute to development of their local society and further, international community.
- Becoming a civil servant(national or local) or working at public enterprises such as Korea Expressway Corporation, Korea Water Resources Corporation, Korea Land & Housing Corporation, Korea Rural Community Corporation, Korea Electric Power Corporation and Korea Gas Corporation.
- National research institutes (Korea Institute of Construction Technology, Expressway & Transportation Research Institute, Korea Railroad Research Institute) or an affiliate research institute
- Construction contractors and design firms (Hyundai, SK, Samsung, Daelim, YooShin Corp., Pyunghwa Engineering Consultants etc.)
- Entering graduate school in home or abroad
- Alumni of the department who could give advices on employment - The department has been recognized by the Korean Council for University Education to have one of the best civil
engineering programs in Korea - Active relationship among industrial-scholar-research area
Engineer or industrial engineer
Civil engineer, concrete engineer, construction material testing engineer, construction safety engineer, Surveying geo-spatial information engineer, cadastral surveying engineer, cadastral surveying engineer, railway track maintenance engineer etc

Professional engineer for civil engineering structures, professional engineer for soil mechanics, professional engineer architectural execution etc. )
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