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Mechanical engineering is a study of designing, manufacturing and producing industrial machines like mechanical power, semiconductor, IT machines, robots and medical machines. It touches on the applicable techniques and long-term self-training system that might be required in the real industrial field.
- Customized educational system for students (Samsung)
- Running detailed and intensive engineering education program which corresponds to the Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea (ABEEK)
- Strengthen the education through different experiments which will build students’ character and skills
- Entering fields like mechanical industry, auto-making, airplanes, ships and cargos or other manufactures. Specific fields could be designing engineering, system engineering, steel or other small-part manufacturing.
- Power-generating area, new convergence technology, robot, electronic medical machines, new material industry
General machinery engineer, Construction equipment engineer, Engineer for Air-Conditioning Refrigerating Machinery, Machinery design engineer, Professional Engineer for Machine Manufacturing Process Design, Engineer for Motor Vehicles Maintenance, Engineer for Motor Vehicles Inspection, Mechatronics engineer, Welding engineer, Industrial safety engineer, Engineer for Fire Fighting Facilities, Noise & Vibration engineer etc
Over 60-year of history, our department's alumni association provides scholarship every year.
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