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We are educating engineers who can develop automobiles that consumers want through both practical and theoretical education system. The department also provides curriculum that encourage students to have creative ideas regarding every parts of a car and relationships among them. We are a part of TAC, Technology Accreditation Commission that we made with Seattle, and we also run a program called "Equipment/ mold track" with Samsung Electronics.
- Run a customized program called "Equipment/ mold track" (Samsung Electronics)
- Running detailed and intensive engineering education program which corresponds to the Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea (ABEEK)
- A variety of education program for increasing job opportunities and for training creative human resources (Club activities or project-focused lectures)
- We see an increase in demand for automobile or mechanical engineers as the automobile, mechanical, ship and cargo industry is growing.
- A demand for engineers who have knowledge and technology about vehicles and robots in fields like new convergence technology, robot, heavy equipment, intelligent transportation system, electronics and medical equipment is also increasing.
-Industrial machine manufacturing companies (Samsung Heavy Industries, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction and other small & medium enterprizes)
-Automobile companies and auto parts manufacturers (Hyundai Motor Company, Mando Corporation etc)
-Electronic equipment manufacturers (Samsung Electroncis, Hynix Semiconductor etc)
-Medical equipment manufacturers (Medison etc) or other shipbuilding companies (Hyundai, Daewoo, Samsung, STX etc), Civil servants or working at public companies (civil servant for Gangwon Province, civilian worker in the military, Korea Electric Power Corporation or others)
Motor vehicles maintenance engineer, Motor vehicles inspection engineer, General machinery engineer, Construction equipment engineer, Engineer for Air-Conditioning Refrigerating Machinery, Machinery design engineer, Professional engineer for machine manufacturing process design, Mechatronics engineer, Welding engineer, Industrial safety engineer, Engineer for Fire Fighting Facilities, Noise & Vibration engineer etc.
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