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In this modern industrial society, most electric, electronic and mechanical systems are becoming automated., Students studying control & instrumentation engineering are required knowledge of hardware and software and also an interface to automate these connections. We try to teach computer applications and general knowledge of automation and advanced technology.
We aim to train students to adapt industrial technology of automation equipment and information industry based on electrical, electronics, controlling system.
- First year: They will learn about the basics including electrical, electronic circuits and computers and other overall basic science.
- Second to third year: They will study core areas of knowledge and skills of electrical, electronics, information and communication-related field. Then they will be urged to obtain related certificates.
- Fourth year: They will obtain practical skills from following areas:
- Digital Engineering Laboratory - Microprocessor Lab
- Making programming - Automatic control lab
- Power Electronics Lab - Automatic projects
- Creating embedded system - Making micro-robots
Korea Electric Power Corporation, Korea Telecommunication, Nuclear power plants, Korea Hybrid and Nuclear Power Co., other electric or fire-fighting equipment conpanies, semiconductor companies, LCD manufacturers, Development of automation and instrumentation systems, equipment manufacturers, Controlling H/W, S/W manufacturer, Computer companies, Aerospace companies, Broadcasting technology companies, Civil servants, Civilian worker in the military
Electric work engineer/industrial engineer, Engineer for electricity / industrialization, Electric Railway engineer, Railroad Signal Apparatus engineer, Industrial Engineer for Semiconductor Design, Computer engineer, Industrial Engineer for Computer Maintenance Control)
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