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In this highly advanced industrial society, without development of health, electronics, telecommunications, fire prevention, aerospace, energy resources, marine vehicles, building construction materials, we can not expect any further industrial development. Materials development is thus important. Green growth policy is another keyword these days. Developing ceramic materials, metal materials, polymeric materials used in industry and adapting mechanical, thermal, electrical and chemical properties and functions are both critical.
In the information society, as a demand for new materials is increasing, employment rate for materials engineering is also growing.
- Medical, Biological Industry: artificial bone, organs, teeth and other biomaterials
- Electrical and electronic industries: semiconductor, magnetic, superconducting, insulating materials
- Information, Communications Industry: optical fiber, computer materials
- Fire, Disaster Areas: Heat materials, flame retardant, fire extinguishers etc
- Resources, and fuel sectors: oil, gas, coal and mineral resources and sustainable energy material fields
- Ship, the automotive sector: automotive, marine areas, and other material components
- Building, Construction area: indoor and outdoor building materials, environment and other buildings and structures areas
- Enginner: Metals and Materials engineer, Engineer for Nondestructive Testing, Engineer for explosives manufacturing, Ceramic engineer, Engineer for industrial safety, Industrial gas engineer, Engineer for fire-fighting equipment, Engineer for quality management
- Teaching certificate for middle school students (second level)
-Exchange program in Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Ghana etc) for a year
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