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The goal of the department is to foster professionals of Management of Technology who have knowledge of both engineering and business administration. The students might get abilities to solve problems in manufacturing and service industry with scientific approaches and managerial judges
The department stresses out that communication and teamwork is necessary to solve problems. That is why it focuses on 'how to strengthen student's problem solving abilities', and lets students to get a certificate of Quality Management and Industrial Safety Engineer. The department also teaches students an entrepreneurial spirit to make them be able to open their own business.
Communication ability
-Understanding accounting system: cost management, management accounting
-Understanding the floor plan: CAD
-Understanding English documents and Writing English skills: Business English Ⅰ,Ⅱ
-Understanding basic concept of manufacturing industry: machinery /Electric/ Electronic

- Learning through competing assignments as a team

Problem solving ability
- Design focused classes by the year
- Working at the division of manufacture/quality management of manufacturing companies
- Working at management Innovation/ project management part at companies
- Working at factory/office automation part
- Consulting IT & SI companies
- Working at a logistics /distribution company
-Quality Management Engineer, Industrial Safety Engineer, Logistics Manager, ISO9000 Inspection, Survey Analyst
Improvement Idea