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Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering deals with metal materials that are basis of all basic industries and a high-tech industry and producing metal Development of industry including machinery, cars, shipbuilding, space-air, and semiconductor is decided by function and characteristics of materials. The department educates students a basic theory of producing, processing, and developing of metal materials as well as industrial materials such as compound materials, and Nano materials. It has operated an intense program of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering since 2008.
- It reinforces an education program with practices and experiments (physical metallurgy, chemical metallurgy)
- It has excellent professors from industries and research centers
- It trains students to have practical abilities that they can apply to workplaces right away
The future of the department
-The demand for materials and metallurgical engineers and researchers is increasing as the industies of steel, metal, machinery and semiconductor rapidly develop
-The demand for material engineers with new knowledge and technologies is increasing since the importance of materials is being stressed out in the new industry field such as convergence technology, macaronis, heavy industry, and medical appliance

Career Choices after Graduation
- Steel and steel making company (POSCO, HYUNDAI Steel, Dongbu steel)
- Industrial machine making company (Samsung heavy industries, Hyundai heavy industries Doosan heavy industries)
- Motor company and car parts manufacturing company (Hyundai Motors, Kia Motors, GM Daewoo, Hyundai Mobis)
- Electronic manufacturing company (Samsung Electronics, Hynix)
- Ship building company (Hyundai, Daewoo, STX)
-Certificates for metallurgical engineering and nondestructive test ( material metals, metal smelting, metal processing, nondestructive test engineer)
Improvement Idea