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The department of Architectural Design of Samcheok campus in KangwonUniversityisanonlydepartmentthathasa5-year-course. Students participate in many contests and obtain abilities to create global building with wonderful designs during the course. The department also cares the education that builds students' character so they can have both social responsibilities and ethics.
-Reinforcing practice subjects of architectural design for students to develop their basic planning skills
-Reinforcing an education of planning process for students to develop their logical thinking and creative problem solving skills
-Offering various subjects and planning studios to students
-Counseling about jobs after their graduating
-The modern society that pursues diversity of arts, engineering and culture offers a wide choice of careers. There are many opportunities of becoming professionals, and it is also possible to work as a public official.
-Qualified architect office
-Interior design office
-Graduate school
-Urban environment design office
-Construction supervision office
-Public official in technical post
-Engineering office
-Construction company
- Engineer and Industrial Engineer: Architecture Engineer, Construction Safety Engineer, Colorist Engineer, Building Facilities Engineer, Building Facilities Industrial Engineer, Industrial Engineer of Building General Work, Industrial Engineer of Architecture Carpentering, Industrial Engineer of Brick Laying, Industrial Engineer of Interior Architecture
- Qualified Architect and Engineer: Qualified Architect, Professional Engineer of Architectural Execution, Professional Engineer of Architectural Structures, Professional Engineer of Building Mechanical Facilities, Professional Engineer of Construction Quality Testing
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