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Pollution is becoming a serious issue because of industrialization and increasing population. Consequently, rules and regulations on environment are on demand. Environmental engineering was established to develop systems to minimize the chances of environmental pollution. This department aims to train students to learn how to develop technology for measuring, handling and disposing industrial wastes. Students will also learn how to design necessary technology and run the program. Job opportunities for this field will increase as it is getting more and more national and international attention since environmental issue has become critical.
- Public companies (Korea Environment Corporation, Korea Water Resources Corporation, Korea Agricultural & Rural Infrastructure Corporation, Sudokwon Landfill Site Managemanet Corporation etc)
- Environment research institutes or other environment-related private companies
- Environment-related civil servants (health and environment)
- Companies for pollution control facilities, Companies for measurement of environmental Pollution, Companies for environmental effects evaluation
Industrial engineer for water pollution environmental, Industrial engineer for air pollution environmental, Wastes treatment engineer, Engineer in Nature Environment and Ecological Restoration, Engineer for Soil Environment, Engineer for Noise & Vibration
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