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Department of Ocean Construction Engineering started as a traditional study and tries to keep developing the ocean and coasts.
The department deals with studies needed for construction of new cities such as a marine city, U-echo city and a marina port and also building facilities at those cities that prevent disasters.
It also ranges the coast management and disaster broadcasts. The department eventually fosters professionals of the ocean development.
The department fosters professionals who got knowledge of preventing of disasters to prepare for natural disasters such as typhoon, tsunami, flood, landslide and a windstorm with systemically and scientific management and quick actions. It also trains students to become a professional of infrastructure for coastal tourism including ocean leisure.
The course focuses on placement and also uses virtual experiences program for students to experience natural disasters and learn how to act efficiently. Students also use various study materials including experimental ship, the side scan sonar and amphibious cars.
- Public official (Ministry of Land Transport and Maritime Affairs, Ministry of Environment, National Emergency Management Agency)
- Public corporation of construction and environment (Korea Water Resources Corporation, KoreaLandandHousingCorporation,governmentresearchcenters)
- Engineering company (Samsung, Hyundai, Daewoo, Daeyoung)
- Private construction companies (Hyundai, Samsung, SSangyong, Daelim, GS, SK, POSCO)
- Reporter (KBS, MBC, SBS, Cable TV)
- Certificates: Engineer for civil engineering, land surveying, land registration and disasters)
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