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The Department of Art and Design in Lifestyle Products has three fields of study which includes furniture design, ceramic design, and textile design. The educational goal of the Department is to research and educate in the theoretical and practical areas, develop exhibition skills, and to plan for the improvement of expression in both 2- and 3- dimensional visual art forms. The Department's aim is to adopt to an ever-changing environment that is becoming more state-of-the-art and specialized in our modern industrial society. We aim to nurture professionals with a flexible yet rational way of thinking through mutual form, function, material and craft conversion by developing local, national, and international sensitivity so that they can participate in and contribute to the development of culture and art.
Textile Designer, Interior Designer, Editing Designer & Multidisciplinary Designer, Crafts, Advertising Company, Ceramics Designer, Fabric Designer, Display Design, Clothing Material & Color Planning, VMD of Distribution & Fashion Brand Field, Colorist, Industrial Material Designer & Coordinator for Wall & Floor, Living Suppliers Designer for Bedclothes, Curtain & Carpet, Product Manager of Fabric& Clothes Trading Company, Art Institution Owner, Workshop Owner, College Instructor, Instructor Related in Crafts Design Field, Designer in a Furniture Company, Family Business Related in Furniture, Designer for an Interior Design Company, Professional Display Company, Shop Owner, Stage Designer, Home Coordinator, Development Lab for Products and Brands, Character Tourism Enterprise, Fancy Stationery & Lifestyle Products Designer, Accessory Designer, Decorator.
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