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Firstly established in national university, the only Department of Theatre & Film Gangwon-do intends to produce competitive professional artists and engineers in various forms of media. The practical yet student focused education includes acing class, broadcasting producing, drama/movie planning/directing, art management, professional stage design, drama/movie teaching.
- Performing art: middle school drama teacher, actor/actress (drama, movie, TV, musical, modeling, comedy), announcer, DJ, VJ, show host, drama director, drama/movieplanner, event planner/director, art management, advertiser, makeup artist, stage designer, stage director, etc.
- broadcasting media: broadcasting producer, vision/sound making staffs (camera, edit, sound, advertising producer, etc.), movie director, movie planner, sound engineer, video artist, photographer, CG graphic designer, digital editing professional, digital sound engineer, vision /sound engineer, scenario scripter, TV scripter, etc.
- performing art: drama/movie middle school teacher certificate, coordinator/makeup artist, event manager, performing art planner, stage art professional certificate, (stage engineer /stage light engineer/stage sound engineer, advertiser, cultural contents marketer, etc.
- broadcasting media: NLE Video certificate (Avid ACI, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro), sound certificate (Pro Tools sound editing professional), sound engineer, sound director, filming certificate (fast/slow in-water filming, photo/video filming photographer), computer graphic engineer(2D, 3D, motion graphics), media teacher certificate, etc.
Department office: Samchuk 033)570-6845, Dogae 033)540-3450,
Fax : Sanchuk 033)570-6859, Dogae 033)540-3459
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