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The College of Humanities and Social Sciences has its educational priorities on the cultivation of professional global citizens whose knowledge and understanding are rooted in the general characteristics of humans and their social phenomena. Through the empirical inquiries into these two fundamental and interlinked fields, the College puts a strong emphasis on developing students' critical, pragmatic and integrated mentalities required for coping with the overall issues of the rapidly-changing international society.

In particular, the new humanities & social science building to be completed in late 2008 is expected to play a key role in promoting international academic exchanges as well as social education through active communication with the fast-growing regional community. To carry out such missions more
effectively, the College also strives to develop up-to-date learning and
instructional methods with the assistance of sophisticated facilities for
classroom teaching, language education, computer applications, visual
arts editing, digital studios, and gymnastic training.

It is anticipated that the ideal combinations of these advanced softwares
and hardwares in higher education will enable us to produce well-qualified
graduates who steadily contribute to regional and national prosperity.

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