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Department of public administration helps student gain professional office/management skills to become specialized managers. Especially, students will obtain office work abilities, judgment skills and change management skills in this complicated modern organization. Moreover, we aim to grow leaders of risk, informational and globalized society.
Governmental organizations: Central administrative institution (general administrative officer, legal administrative officer, financial officer, social officer, broadcasting officer, office manager, etc) local autonomous entity, election management institution, police office, education institution, tax institution, etc.
Public affairs: Korea electronic corporation, Korea farm sea village corporation, Korea water resources corporation, Gangwon-do development corporation, Gangwon land, etc.
Corporations: Large size enterprise, small/medium enterprise, international enterprise, etc. Financial institutes: bank, insurance company, regional bank, etc.
Press institutions: central and regional newspaper publisher, broadcasting station, etc.
University institutions: university or college teacher or administrator Others: citizen party, custom officer, tax officer, legal officer, loss adjuster, insurance mediator, notary public, etc.
Policy -policy analyst, social investigator/analyst
Regional government - regional developer
Information management - NIS professional, EA consultant
Conflict management - conflict mediator, negotiator
Social welfare - social welfare worker
Administrative management - administrative manager, organizational consultant
Finance - governmental accountant
Department office: (033)570-6630 Department FAX : (033)573-6630
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