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Students systematically learn English in terms of English literature, American English culture studies, and general knowledge on English method. By understanding English spoken cultures and improving creative thinking from humanity studies, students will be professional enough to face the globalized.
Department of English Language and Culture
This Department primarily intends to develop a strong group of professionals who can adapt themselves to the current trends of globalization through their acquiring a good command of English as a foreign language and a well-balanced knowledge of English linguistics, literature, education, coupled with enriching their broad-ranged understanding of the British / American norms and building up their power of analytical and creative thinking.
First, our goal is to help students speak fluent English and understand general knowledge about English literature and British American Literature, and further become globalized enough to initiate international cultural trade. Finally students will learn refinement and knowledge to become the key members at school and industrial societies.
As a humanity department, our main goal is to produce general talents. There are history, culture and literature background behind English becoming the global language. Therefore, instead of becoming only English speakers, we wish students to understand all these backgrounds with cultural attitude and imagination.
Teachers (middle school), tour interpreter/guide, translator, interpreter, elementary school/middle school English teacher

-Job Opportunities
English teacher (Regional), Educator (school staff or graduate school institution), translator, interpreter; also can work in government, resort, pharmacy corporation, university staff, financial institution, studying abroad, colligation corporation, international corporation, corporation’s international department; travel guide/interpreter, translator, interpreter certificates are available.
Department Office: (Samchuk)570-6650
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