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Department of Regional Economics has private computer labs to improve practical abilities and students will learn how to effectively use limited resources to make members of the society happier. To adapt to globalization, we offer double degree with worldwide famous Chinese university, Gilim economic institution (, and international exchange programs with five other universities.
By running Sankyung-Jangak party and academic club, we activate jobs, international trade and academic programs. Moreover, as a practical department, we formed Sanhak-Hyumruk-Wewon party involving 20 institutions such as stock companies and tax offices to help students find jobs and increase employment rate.
In informational technology development and spreading internet use, the department of regional economics wishes to achieve the following goals:
- cultivate professional economists to meet the demands of globalization and information era
- produce international (regional) commerce professional
- develop intellectual ability in this information industrialized society
- create e business professionals to go beyond informational era
- Theory: microeconomics, macroeconomics, regional economics, principles of currency and money, etc.
- Policy and application: economic policy, finance and public investment, change economics, labor economics, economic statistics, economic structure, Korean economics, resource environmental economics, media economics, etc.
- International (regional) commerce: international currency, regional commerce, electronic trade, East North Asia economics, etc.
- Specialization and profession: principles of business administration, Principles of accounting, entrepreneurship, management of information system, electronic trade, internet marketing, e business system, etc.
- Sangyung scholarship foundation: run by donations from professors of the department and Sanhak cooperation institution (Scholarships are provided to current students yearly)
- Operating electronic transaction center
- "Ni Hao" academic club to improve Chinese speaking skills
- "Com Nu Ri" to produce computer related professionals
- "T&T" to study TOEIC and TOEFL for jobs
- "TESAT" for economical knowledge
- "FORDREAM" to prepare national university thesis
- TOEIC class to improve employment
Department office: 570-6640 department FAX : 574-6640
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