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Social workers help people overcome their economic/psychological/social problems by teaching them professional solutions. They might help people by finding resources including local communities, sponsors, or volunteers to help them.
The goal of the Department is to contribute to develop the society and a local community, to promote academic development of welfare society, and to contribute to social welfare by training professional social workers.
- The Department also prevents/ eases/ solves social problems by knowing by the head and feeling by the heart and improves welfare of individual, families, groups, organizations, and communities.
- The Department tries to make the society better by researching of human dignity, freedom and equity, training social workers, volunteering.
- To foster a public welfare official who is very knowledgeable in social welfare
- To foster social workers capable of dealing with various welfare works
- To foster social workers who got knowledge of human development and executive ability
- Graduates work as a social worker at the central government, a si/gun/eup/myeon/dong office, a social welfare organ, a day care center, a self-support center, or social education center. They can also study more about social welfare at a graduate school or research at a research center.
- They can also work as a public welfare official, work at a social welfare organ for seniors/children/women/teenagers, a general social welfare center, a rehabilitation facility for the handicapped, a hospital, a medical field such as mental health centers, or a school as a school caseworker.
Social Worker Level 1 (the national exam), social worker level 2 (no exam), child minder level 2, lifelong education instructor, therapist, family therapist, teen counselor
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