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Based on understanding in depth, Japanese translating and interpreting ability will be systematically achieved. As Japanese expertise, students will focus on academic studies, to later contribute to tourism and Korean/Japanese relationship.
1. Through basic human principle, students will learn hot to love and understand others and be honest and hard working.
2. Through sufficient training, students will be confident to translate and interpret various materials.
3. By understanding cultural background and language habits, students will fluently communicate with Japanese people.
4. From exchanges with Japanese universities and local language training, students will gain international sense and view, and further become Japan tour experts.
Native Japanese professors with abundant experiences allow specialized classes. In addition, beyond lectures, Japanese study groups help students with Japanese speaking, Japanese literature and Japanese culture.
Basic Japanese, intermediate Japanese, Japanese reading III, Japanese characters III, Japanese translation I~IV, Japanese writing I~III, modern Japanese grammar, Japanese modern novel, Japanese essay, Japanese contemporary novel, understanding Japanese classical literature, Japanese literature, Japanese circumstances I~III, Japanese current events I~III, Japanese art, Japanese history, Japanese geography, etc.
Translator, interpreter, airline corporation staffs, travel agents, hotel staffs, tax officers, government officials in tourism department, domestic Korean/Japanese collaborate companies, Japanese local companies, trading companies, duty free shops, tourism entrepreneur, graduate school, Studying in Japan, etc.
Translator/ interpreter certificates, hotel service certificates, domestic tour guide certificate, tour interpreter/guide certificate, 2 star touristic hotel manager certificate, international traveler certificate, etc.
Department office: (Samchuk)570-6870, (Dogae)540-3420
Department FAX : (Sanchuk)570-6879, (Dogae)540-3429
E-mail: (TA) Yang Song Hee
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