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The goals of Department of Food and Nutrition in Kangwon University are to train a holistic food and nutrition expert through the education that builds students' ethics and the proper hierarchy of values and the education that teaches professional skills & knowledge of food, nutrition and cooking. The department also trains 1 food experts who research and develop functional food (for diet, medical cure or health) and traditional - fusion food 2 nutrition experts who counsel and manage clinical, school lunch or sanitary field.
Nutritionist: at Schools, hospitals, hotels, companies, public offices, department stores, laboratories, training institutes, social welfare organs and school lunch companies.
Nutrition Teacher: Nutrition Teacher at Elementary, Middle and High Schools Public Official: at Korea Food & Drug Administration, Korea Food & Drug Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Education Bureau and schools
Researcher: National Research Institutes, Institutes of Food Research, Institutes of biotechnology and Institutes of medicine and medical supplies
Cook: hotels, Public Institutions, restaurants, hospitals, Schools and cooking academies,
Food Stylist: hotels, cooking magazines, broadcast stations
Baker: hotels, bakeries, bakery companies
Food Hygiene Expert: Food Hygiene Observer (Public official), Food Hygiene Manager at food manufacturing firms
Journalist: journalist reporting on food, nutrition and cuisine
Nutrition Teacher
Cook (Korean food, Japanese food, Western food, Chinese food)
Food Processing Engineer, Food Processing Industrial Engineer
Breads Making Craftsman
Casting Industrial Engineer
Health Instructor
Phone: 033)570-6880
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