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- Department of Herbal Medicine Resource develops natural functional materials such as health functional, medical action and the reaction of a living body controlling materials from oriental medicine and plant resources. The department also teaches and researches the theory of traditional oriental medicine and applied science based on biotechnology.
- The goals of the department are to educate students insightful academic knowledge by combining basic studies such as colleting, dividing and growing oriental medicine, analyzing materials and clearing up mechanism of activated natural materials and applied studies such as manufacturing, managing and distributing oriental medicine, researching functional food and utilizing agricultural food. The department also trains a core professional by relating the course of the department with a course at the graduate program to make them contribute to globalize oriental medicine studies.
- Graduates from the department work at education, research, oriental medical firms or public institutions.
- Education jobs: Teacher at Middle and High Schools, Instructor and professor.
-Research jobs: Laboratories for herbal medicine, herbal medicine cosmetic firms, functional food companies and pharmaceutical companies
-Oriental medicine jobs: Oriental medicine clinics, herbal medical industry, herbal medicine whole sales, Import & Export herbal medicine, herbal medicine manufacturing companies
-Public Institutions: Public official at Nonghyeop
-Etc: Nursery gardens, botanical gardens, agricultural chemicals companies
- Teaching certificates (regular teacher -second level)
- Certificates of herbal medicine distribution from Ministry of Health and Welfare (Herbs wholesale manager, applied from January 2008, getting the certificate when the subjects are completed)
- Bioprocess Engineer, Organic Agriculture Craftsman, Seeds Engineer, Food Process Engineer and Agricultural Chemistry Engineer
- 5% additional score is given on your civil service examination score if you have those certificates
- Phone: TEL 033) 570-6490
- Homepage /pmd
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