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Students in this faculty will produce creative and sensitive individuals in the field of broadcasting visual media.
Specialized field:
- broadcasting media content production
- Sound Technology
- broadcasting technology and new media
- To lead research on existing industry or media, we focus on basics while encouraging continuous research and challenge.
Understanding visual media, broadcasting composition, broadcasting direction, sound technology, visual esthetics, visual engineering, IPTV, filming and lighting, visual editing, broadcasting media engineering, computer graphics, understanding photographs, sound design, recording, PA sound, documentary research, VJ research, digital content making, broadcasting communication, broadcasting communication system, radio producing, TV studio practice, digital TV, new media, visual media workshop, 3D media technology, etc.
- Broadcasting station: broadcasting PD(producer), Director, visual editing director, engineering director, sound engineer, lighting director, stage director, camera director, video engineer, visual editor, broadcasting engineer, sound designer, scripter, computer graphic designer (CG), photographer, video journalist (VJ), web designer
- Educator: professor, visual media instructor, media instructor, e-Lerning instructor
- Government officers: the ministry of culture, visual broadcasting industry agency, local autonomous government, culture and art hall, Korean broadcasting commission, culture center, etc.
- Researchers: national research center, broadcasting/vision/sound/special vision research center, media center
- Broadcasting/media/sound company: corporation’s broadcasting/vision/sound researchers and engineers
- Reporter: broadcasting station and publishing company’s photographer or picture reporters
- Entrepreneur: vision production, recording studio, PA, media center, independent film company, etc.
- film company : movie producer, movie director, camera director, mlighting director, editing director, special vision producer, etc.
- Video journalist (VJ), Advertiser, Graduate school
Broadcasting communication engineer, sound engineer, stage art engineer (stage sound, stage light, stage machine), media instructor, Protools international certificate, ACI(American AVID officially approved instructor), vision engineer, computer graphic engineer, web master, multimedia contents director, special effect engineer, camera engineer, light engineer, etc.
Department office: (Samchuk)033-570-6850, (Dogae)033-540-3440
Department FAX: (Samchuk)033-570-6859, (Dogae)033-540-3449
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