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The Department plays a key role to improve public health by providing many services that includes protecting the life of the people and giving first aid to patients from sudden accidents and disasters in a diversified modern society.
The goal of the Department is to foster advanced professions through a 4-year course rather than a 3-year course that strengthen quality of the theory and practice. The Department also fosters rescue and EMS professionals to quickly and systemically help emergency patients. Therefore, the Department educates students to become a profession with a wide knowledge and managing skills
1. Emergency Medical Technician License Level 1
- Medical institutes and general hospitals (emergency room, emergency medical center)
- Hospitals (department of surgery, orthopedics or emergency medical services)
- Public health officials, working at a public health center
- Nursing room at companies
- Medical appliances companies
- 119 rescue teams

2. Studying at a graduate school
- Studying at a graduate school of industry
- Studying at a graduate school of public health

3. Certificates
Emergency Medical Technician License Level 1, Radio Operator's Certificate, Lifeguard License, Water Safety Instructor, First Aid Instructor, HAM, Mountain Safety Instructor, EFR Instructor
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