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The educational standard of the Department is to educate students to be a creative, cooperative and analytic leader so they can acquire knowledge of health problems in families and local communities to diagnose them. The goal of the Department is to foster professional nurses to keep people's optimum health and help them to recover their health.
- To understand patients as an integration of the body, a spirit and a social culture and nurse them devotedly
- To make decisions based on critical thinking
- To play a role as a nurse having a clear ethical perspective
- To learn how to combine a creative thinking with knowledge of nursing
- To form a cooperative relation with medical members and achieve the goal of a group.
- To build relationship with families of patients for better understanding and communication
- To apply a professional nursing skill for make patients feel better and more comfortable
- To develop and activate Korean nursing program
- To contribute to make the society better by playing a role as a service provider, nursing instructor and change booster
- To study about nursing and spend time on self-improvement continuously
- To prepare global competitiveness
- Nurse Practitioner: at a hospital, university hospital, general hospital
- Professor & Researcher: at a university or research center
- Nurse at Work Place: at a medical room at a work place
- Work in abroad: after passing some exams, work in abroad
- Medical Insurance Inspector: at National Health Insurance Cooperation
- Instructor & Counseling Nurse: at pharmaceutical company, medical appliances company
- Public Officials: after passing national exams, work at the public health field
- Airlines: as a cabin crew or nurse in a medical room
- Nurse Officer: at the army, air force or navy
- Operating special clinics: at a language treatment clinic
- Midwife: after taking a year course of midwife, and taking the national exam
- Community Nurse: at a health center, a public health center in rural area
- Professional nurses in each of 13 field: taking a master course in a graduate school of professional nursing
- Nursing License
- Professional Nursing License (in 13 different fields)
- Midwife License (earning after taking a course)
- American Nursing License (it is possible to obtain in Korea)
- Phone: TEL 033) 540-3360
- Homepage:
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