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The Department of Radiology fosters medical professions who operate and manage high- tech radiotherapy appliances based on basic knowledge of radiology and computers and work in the field by cooperating with other medical members to diagnose and cure patients.

Therefore, radiotherapists can work at
- The field of nuclear medicine and radiotherapy that are important parts of a modern medical service
- The field of nondestructive testing expert that deals with radioactive isotope and ultrasound.
- The field of medical images related with CT, MRI ad PACS.

Introduction of the national exam of Radiologist
There is the national exam for becoming a radiologist hosted by Ministry of Health and Welfare. The exam consists of a written test and a practice test, and the exam is being held in December every year. If you want to work at department of radio diagnosis, radiation treatment or nuclear medicine, you should pass the exam and get a certificate of radiologist.
- To foster professions of radiological diagnoses & treatment and nuclear medicine
- To foster nondestructive testing and radioactive isotope experts
- To foster professions of medical images study
- Medical Institutes and General Hospitals (division of radiation treatment, comprehensive medical testing or emergency treatment)
- Specialized Hospitals (orthopedics/department of internal medicine/surgery department)
- Public Officials at the Ministry of Health and Welfare (health engineer)
- Research center of nuclear medicine
- Venture firms of PACS
- Medical Appliance Companies
- Health Insurance Companies or Korean National Tuberculosis Association
- Inspectors of radiology medical appliances

An agent of radioactive isotope/Inspectors (4-year degree holders)
- Medical Institutes (university hospitals, nuclear energy hospitals): radioactive isotope agencies
- Security management of firms
- Quality management of a big firm
- Airline industry
- Nuclear power plant
- Radioactive isotope sellers

Nondestructive Testing Experts
- Non-destructive inspection company
- Safety management division at companies
- Heavy industry
- Construction/civil engineering
- Quality management division at companies
- Nuclear power industry

Graduate schools
- Studying at a graduate school of medicine/dentistry
- Studying at a graduate school
- Studying at a graduate school of health

Public Health Officials
- Radiologist (5 % additional points for level 9 official, 3% for level 7 official)
-Radioactive isotope transactor (5 % additional points for level 9 official, 5% for level 7 official)
- Radiologist
- Radioactive Isotope Transactor (RI)
- Supervisor of Radioactive Isotope transaction (SRI)
- Digital Radiography Engineer level1, 2
Digital Radiography, Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Liquid Penetration Testing, Eddy Current Testing
- Data Processing Field
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