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In a modern society, the necessity of an optical prescription is increasing as there are more diversified visual information and visual media than before in a daily life. The department teaches from basic optical knowledge to an eye examination as well as anatomical and physiological characteristics of the eye, eye diseases and making glasses & contact lenses.
Once students graduate, they are qualified to take an optician/optometrist exam. When they get a certificate of optician/optometrist, they are qualified to do an eyesight test, prescribe glasses/contact lenses and produce & sales glasses at a shop. Most of graduates work at an optician's shop, become a hospital optometrist, or work for a glasses manufacturing business.
The department trains students with professional knowledge of the eye such as eye structure and function, preventing eye disease, optical instrument, reasons for declining eyesight, principles of vision correction, making glasses, and managing an eyeglasses store.
- Eyeglasses store owner
- Optometrist at a medical institution such as a university hospital or a general hospital
- Public official at Ministry of Health, or at an optical laboratory
- Working at contact lenses/ eyeglasses manufacturing companies
- Studying at a graduate school
- Working at an optical instrument company
- Optician's license
- Optics Engineer
- Optics Craftsman
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