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The department is founded in 2009 for the first four-year-course of Dental Hygiene among national universities. Its goals are to train a 21st century instructor of dental hygiene, create the best education environment, train a professional dental hygienist and contribute to dental hygiene field of Korea.
The department particularly aims to educate students by reorganizing the courses to focus on a practical training. It also has the 2+2 program that is to study in East Tennessee State University when a student is a junior and get a chance to work abroad by obtaining a certificate from the university.
The goal of education of the department is to train dental hygienists who are not only good at preventing oral diseases but discovering them earlier and manage patients professionally. It also aims to turn excellent dental hygienists out through systematic practices at university hospitals.
Medical Institutions: a hospital at school of dentistry, division of dentistry in a general hospital, a dentist clinic, a health center
Education and Research: A professor, a health teacher, a researcher at a public health center
Public officials: A public official at a health center, an army officer, a health teacher
Health Insurance Institute: A health care examiner
Medical Appliance Companies: A dental Devices company, a dental hygienist company
Working abroad: Working at division of dentistry in a general hospital in the USA
A Dental Hygienist Certificate (Ministry of Health and Welfare)
Dental Coordinator
Health Instructor
Improvement Idea