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The Department fosters occupational therapists to help those people with physical/psychological problems to be independent through doing various activities. The activities include daily actions such as wearing clothes, eating meals and social activities such as typing keyboards, counseling customers, and piling up boxes.
The goal of the Department is to foster a competent occupational therapist to have a cool head and a warm heart with the concept of whole person education for the society.
1. Thank to the society and the parents
2. Foster responsible and healthy professions
3. Have a volunteer spirit and love nature & human beings
4. Pursue development of occupational therapy and play a key role in it

To achieve those goals, The Department of Occupational Therapy in Kangwon University.
- Medical Institute (university hospital, general hospital, rehabilitation hospital, sanatorium, psychiatric hospital)
- Special-Education School (specially trained teacher)
- Rehabilitation & Welfare Field (welfare center for the disabled/senior, welfare center, rehabilitation center, day care center for disabled children)
- Business (job training center, medical appliances company, health care centers in a company)
- Professor & researcher
- Occupational therapist
- Ergonomics Engineer
- Rehabilitation Assistant
- Health Education Instructor
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