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Academic Goals
- Based on our graduate school's philosophy of positive attitude, we aim to train
professionals who thrive as independent researcher contributing the nation,
humanity and society through new theory and method.

- Established 13 departments in masters level (capacity of 42 students) in year 2010
- Training creative professionals, and developing new theories and skills
- Developing and organizing education curriculum, and providing excellent professors
and research environment in order to train professionals who will lead the future.

Public Administration
Early Childhood Education
Regional Economics
Social Welfare
Medical Health Science
Emergency Medical Rehabilitation
Broadcasting visual media & Technology
Architecture Design
Architectural System Engineering
Mechanical Automative Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering
Fire Protection Engineering
Energy & Chemical Engineering
Vehicle Engineering
Materials & Metallurgical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electronics, Information & Communication Engineering
Control & Instrumentation Engineering
Civil Engineering
Earth and Environmental Engineering
Architecture and Civil Convergence Engineering
Physical Education
Visual & Multimedia Design
Improvement Idea