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Academic Goals
- There are significant damages according to frequent natural disasters due to weather phenomena which is causing heavy rain, flood, etc, and artificial disasters which is causing fire, explosion, etc due to the development of industry. It's urgent to train students as professionals to prevent and predict disaster beforehand, and prepare safety measures. We need a specialized researcher who promotes disaster prevention industry in order to increase the standard of living.

Kangwon University's graduate school of disaster prevention is offering masters and doctoral level in Disaster Prevention Equipment, Disaster Prevention, Urban and Environment Disaster Prevention, Mining Pollution & Geological Disaster Prevention, Disaster Prevention and Management to prevent from disasters.
Approaching with government, companies, research institute, and university, they are working together to
train professionals in disaster prevention for developing safe a nation.
Also, they are cooperating to thrive disaster prevention industry and nation
through the study.

Objective of Education
- Graduate school of disaster prevention is aiming to train students through
technical education, and to create creativity in disaster prevention field.
We invite the best experts in the field to improve the quality of a lecture
which will lead to an excellent research study when cooperating with

Department of Disaster Prevention Equipment
  Study disaster prevention equipment and various digital prevention systems systematically and scientifically to prevent artificial disasters, and promote professionals.
Department of Disaster Prevention
  To prepare for all disasters, we aim to promote professionals through the systematical study with actual experiment curriculum.
Department of Urban·Environmental Disaster Prevention
  In order to prepare for environmental disasters which are caused by nature or human, we provide scientific theory to prepare for the prevention and restoration using 21st digitally equipped new technologies.
Department of Mining Pollution & Geological Disaster Prevention
  We aim to train professionals preventing, repairing, and aiding disasters which are caused by nature, or human.
Department of Disaster Prevention and Management
  In order to prepare technical response, recovery and management for natural disasters and social disaster, we aim to promote professionals through a systematic disaster prevention education and scientific research.
Improvement Idea