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Kangwon National University runs over 11 intramural institutes, centers and facilities which assume their own roles and responsibilities in supporting KNU's overall missions and practical tasks. The following is brief descriptions of such affiliated organizations situated at the university.
As one of the prime academic centers at the university, the Central Library operates its advanced electronic systems such as the automation system and electronic media system. The cutting-edge facilities are furnished in the Library to fully support the research activities of the faculty, staff and students. In order to maximize its important functions, the Library is open to the local people, and as a local sophisticated information center, providing well-planned social education and creating the unique cultural programs suitable th the regional community.
Providing the opportunities of using advanced research facilities for students and other institutions and research institutes, we make efforts to maximize the applications of experiment laboratories housed at the university, expecting to train students to become competent researchers and further to facilitate the technological development of local community.
There are two student dormitories on campus: the old one accommodates 320 students; and the other new and condominium-styled one accommodates 330 students. Every room is fully furnished, and each dormitory has reading rooms, common rooms, shower rooms, laundry rooms, dinning rooms, stores, etc. And, administrative support, including treasury work, is provided by the dormitories.
The university press intends to form a sound public opinion on campus and to record the history and development milestones of KNU, with the promotion of intramural academic culture, dissemination of advanced knowledge, strengthening of student unions among universities, and pursuit of educational philosophy of KNU. To achieve these purposes, the university press takes charge of publishing periodical newspapers.
The KNU broadcasting station serves as one of the important opinion makers abd monitors of the overall university administration. It actively performs the roles to publicize the campus news around the university via its regular, special and temporary broadcasting programs and other cultural events. By playing these functions, we aims to set up a good academic atmosphere of mutual understanding and support among the faculty, staff members and students.
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